Early Childhood

Even before they start kindergarten, young children deserve to participate in rich learning experiences in high-quality environments, led by caring and well-trained adults. Parents and caregivers should have access to the support they need to encourage their children’s development.

To grow as individuals, however, they need to be ready from the beginning. Early childhood programs, and the efforts that support them, are the stepping stones that will lead to later achievement as they provide moments of inspiration, support and learning. From a busy, high-quality child care center and family activities at the local library, to advocacy efforts and new developments in children’s media, we are inspired by the people and organizations ready and willing to nurture the next generation. It is our honor to partner with them.

Early Childhood Grants

Early Childhood Macedonia Family and Community Enrichment Center, Inc.

To support neighborhood-level leadership and coordination of early literacy efforts in the Hill District

$36,600  |  12/01/2020  —  12/01/2021
Amount Awarded  |  Project Period


$36,600  in  12/07/2020

Early Childhood Reading Ready Pittsburgh

To support efforts encouraging early literacy and family engagement

$15,000  |  06/15/2020  —  06/30/2021
Amount Awarded  |  Project Period


$15,000  in  06/11/2020

Early Childhood Women for a Healthy Environment

To support a program that encourages early learning providers and families to adopt practices that reduce environmental hazards

$20,000  |  12/01/2020  —  12/01/2021
Amount Awarded  |  Project Period


$20,000  in  12/09/2020


Trying Together

Trying Together supports high-quality care and education for young children by providing advocacy, community resources, and professional growth opportunities for the needs and rights of children, their families, and the individuals who interact with them. Trying Together works regionally and takes its expertise and models to statewide and national audiences.


Fred Rogers Institute

The Fred Rogers Institute works to extend the legacy of Fred Rogers to today’s generation of children and the adults who love and care for them — or, as Fred called them, “the helpers.” The center’s initiatives focus on helping the helpers as they care for, educate, and raise children.


Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children works to make Pennsylvania one of the top 10 states to be a child and to raise a child by improving the health, education, and well-being of the commonwealth’s families.


Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative

The Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative is a group of organizations dedicated to advancing the importance of play in the lives of children, families, and communities in the Pittsburgh region by raising awareness, educating decision-makers, and modeling (and inspiring) a more playful city.