Children, families, and other caring adults should be able to draw upon a vibrant community of strong nonprofit organizations, capable leaders, and robust multimedia resources focused on helping them succeed.

The organizations and professionals who serve children and families also need care and support themselves. That’s why we support collaborative networks that help leaders accomplish more together than they ever could alone. We also support multimedia programming that builds community understanding and support for children and learning, along with efforts to strengthen the nonprofit sector so that it can continue its vital work.

Community Grants

Community Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

To support programs and services that strengthen the arts and culture sector in the Pittsburgh region

$50,000  |  12/01/2020  —  12/01/2022
Amount Awarded  |  Project Period


$25,000  in  12/02/2021

$25,000  in  12/02/2020

Community Program to Aid Citizen Enterprise (PACE)

To support organizational capacity-building for youth-serving organizations

$40,000  |  07/15/2020  —  07/15/2021
Amount Awarded  |  Project Period


$40,000  in  08/06/2020

Community SLB Radio Productions, Inc.

To support a program that amplifies the voices of youth to create a more compassionate, connected, and civically-engaged community

$150,000  |  12/01/2018  —  12/31/2021
Amount Awarded  |  Project Period


$50,000  in  12/04/2020

$50,000  in  12/10/2019

$50,000  in  12/03/2018


Remake Learning

Remake Learning is a network that ignites engaging, relevant, and equitable learning practices in support of young people navigating rapid social and technological change. Its purpose is to spark and share best practices and new ideas, make it easier for neighbors and colleagues to help each other, reduce duplicative efforts in the greater Pittsburgh region, and leverage resources collectively for greater impact.

Allies for Children

Allies for Children builds alliances and serves as a bold voice for policy and practice changes that improve the well-being of all children in Allegheny County.

The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA

The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA helps children by delivering resources to mentoring programs throughout the region. The partnership promotes the importance of quality mentoring; presents best practices and research; and delivers training, technical assistance, and professional development for the staff and volunteers of local programs.