Helpful Resources

Many of the organizations that Grable supports are excellent resources for nonprofits in our region that serve children and youth. We hope the links below help you find new opportunities for connections and partnerships that uplift your work.

Allegheny Intermediate Unit

The Allegheny Intermediate Unit, also known as the AIU, touches the lives of hundreds of children, families, and educators every day. A regional public education agency and a crucial part of Pennsylvania's public education system, the AIU includes a caring staff of educators, administrators, and support staff who provide specialized services to Allegheny County's suburban school districts. The agency is a liaison with the Pennsylvania Department of Education and proudly operates three schools for exceptional children, 10 family centers, and about 130 programs for children, adults, and families.

Arts Ed Collaborative

Arts Ed Collaborative works with a diverse network of educators in Southwestern Pennsylvania to immerse young people — regardless of appearance, ability, income, or ZIP Code — in powerful, personally relevant arts learning that transforms their sense of self, ability to share thoughts and feelings, and capacity to shape communities.

The Pittsburgh Study

The Pittsburgh Study is a community in the making of parents, young people, teachers, doctors, librarians, academic scientists, community organizers, and leaders and staff in Pittsburgh agencies, non-profits, and institutions. The Pittsburgh Study shares experiences, stories, and hopes in an effort to build trust and accountability. The Study develops real human relationships to work together for the long haul to support the future of children through patience, diligence, grace, honesty, and vulnerable conversations.

Trying Together

Trying Together supports high-quality care and education for young children by providing advocacy, community resources, and professional growth opportunities for the needs and rights of children, their families, and the individuals who interact with them. Trying Together works regionally and takes its expertise and models to statewide and national audiences.

Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative

The Playful Pittsburgh Collaborative is a group of organizations dedicated to advancing the importance of play in the lives of children, families, and communities in the Pittsburgh region by raising awareness, educating decision-makers, and modeling (and inspiring) a more playful city.

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children

Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children works to make Pennsylvania one of the top 10 states to be a child and to raise a child by improving the health, education, and well-being of the commonwealth's families.

A+ Schools

A+ Schools is a coalition of families, students, and educators who believe that in Pittsburgh, every child should have access to the education they need to be successful in college, career, and life. The organization elevates the voices of Pittsburgh's parents, students, and teachers to catalyze change, offering resources for anyone working toward equity and justice in Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Allies for Children

Allies for Children builds alliances and serves as a bold voice for policy and practice changes that improve the well-being of all children in Allegheny County.

Remake Learning

Remake Learning is a network that ignites engaging, relevant, and equitable learning practices in support of young people navigating rapid social and technological change. Its purpose is to spark and share best practices and new ideas, make it easier for neighbors and colleagues to help each other, reduce duplicative efforts in the greater Pittsburgh region, and leverage resources collectively for greater impact.


transformED is an initiative of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit that connects educators with the professional learning, technology access, peer networks, and grant funding they need to start, scale, and sustain transformational change. By creating a safe and supportive environment for teachers to learn with peers, transformED helps educators find fellowship with kindred spirits committed to honing their craft.


The Pittsburgh Promise

The Pittsburgh Promise promotes high educational aspirations among urban youth, funds scholarships for post-secondary access, and fuels a prepared and diverse regional workforce.

The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA

The Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern PA helps children by delivering resources to mentoring programs throughout the region. The partnership promotes the importance of quality mentoring; presents best practices and research; and delivers training, technical assistance, and professional development for the staff and volunteers of local programs.


Kidsburgh is a growing and collaborative group that includes parents and anyone working with children. By offering stories and content that informs and inspires families, Kidsburgh works to make life better for all of Pittsburgh's kids. Kidsburgh also features a directory of child-serving organizations and a robust calendar that lists kid-friendly events throughout the region.

Remake Learning Days

Remake Learning Days is a celebratory festival of events hosted by a variety of organizations, including schools, museums, libraries, tech startups, and more. The festival's engaging, hands-on events give families, educators, and youth of all ages an up-close look at the future of teaching and learning, encouraging creativity, curiosity, and fun along the way.

Fred Rogers Institute

The Fred Rogers Institute works to extend the legacy of Fred Rogers to today’s generation of children and the adults who love and care for them — or, as Fred called them, “the helpers.” The center's initiatives focus on helping the helpers as they care for, educate, and raise children.

Allegheny Partners for Out-of-School Time (APOST)

Allegheny Partners for Out-of-School Time (APOST) is a partnership of funders, intermediaries, and providers dedicated to building a quality out-of-school time system that contributes to the healthy development of young people as they progress through their school years, graduate from high school, and enter adulthood.