Recent Grants

There are so many ways in which to inspire, motivate, and shape children. It’s a process that starts early and continues through the school years as we prepare them for a life filled with possibility. Our goal at The Grable Foundation is to identify and support the people, places and activities that can guide and develop children in the Pittsburgh region. Whether it’s an enriched classroom, an afterschool mentor, a joyous performance, or straight talk on the challenges of growing up, our purpose is to enable meaningful outcomes. This searchable database illustrates our work.

Grants: Public Schools

Pittsburgh Mercy Health System, Inc.

To support the expansion of a ballroom dancing program within the Pittsburgh Public Schools to include middle schools

2013, Public Schools


Steel Valley School District

To support a program that uses 3D animated technology to bring student artwork and stories to life

2010, Public Schools


The ArtsCenter

To support arts education programming for youth in the Triangle area of North Carolina

2010, Public Schools

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Plum Borough School District

To expand the current robotics program while providing students with an increased opportunity to engage in critical thinking and problem solving activities to investigate the process of engineering as well as the various engineering fields

2010, Public Schools


West Mifflin School District

To support a program to enhance middle school students’ 21st Century Skills in creative arts using technology

2010, Public Schools


Westminster College

To support professional development programs for teachers as well as educational programs that enrich learning for school-age children

2010, Public Schools

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City Theatre Company, Inc.

To support the Young Playwrights’ competition and performances for students

2010, Public Schools


Pittsburgh Public Schools

To support an integrated and systematic approach to arts education in the Pittsburgh Public School District

2010, Public Schools


Avonworth School District

To support an annual high school student film festival that will provide creative opportunities for students as well as introduce them to the art of filmmaking

2010, Public Schools


Carnegie Mellon University

To support professional development in association with GigaPan School Dialogues

2010, Public Schools


University of Pittsburgh

To support programming to engage middle school teachers and students in state-of-the-art inquiry-based science education

2010, Public Schools


Pittsburgh OASIS

To support one-on-one tutoring for struggling readers within the Pittsburgh and Woodland Hills school districts

2010, Public Schools

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Upper St. Clair School District

To support a program that will inform ways in which 21st century skills can be implemented in everyday instruction and how technology can be used to facilitate and customize learning

2010, Public Schools


Gateway to the Arts

To support artist residencies in schools and professional development activities for educators and teaching artists in the region

2010, Public Schools

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Bricolage Production Company

To support a partnership with local high schools to connect students with theater performances and associated topics

2010, Public Schools


The Pittsburgh Foundation

To support the reform agenda of Pittsburgh Public School District’s superintendent and the Board of Education

2010, Public Schools

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