The Grable Legacy

The Grable Foundation was founded in 1976 by Minnie K. Grable, the widow of Errett M. Grable. Mr. Grable was a Pittsburgh business leader whose roles included founder and lifetime director of Rubbermaid, Inc., which grew to become an international housewares company. Mr. Grable was active on many charitable boards until his death in 1959.

During Mrs. Grable’s lifetime, most of her personal philanthropy focused on scholarships to help young people enroll in vocational training. Mrs. Grable continued her gifts to The Grable Foundation until her death at the age of 100 in December 1990, when assets from her estate began to be distributed to the Foundation. The Foundation’s first professional staff members were hired in 1991.

As longtime residents of Pittsburgh, Mr. and Mrs. Grable were deeply concerned with the welfare of the Pittsburgh region and all its citizens. In particular, the Grables were firmly committed to education and the important role it can play in helping children build productive, self-sustaining, and meaningful lives.

The Foundation is governed by a seven-member Board of Trustees, most of whom are members of the Grable family. They are guided by Mrs. Grable’s desire to help young people lead fulfilling lives and have hopeful futures. The organizations, programs, and people supported by the Foundation reflect the Trustees’ commitment to Mrs. Grable’s philanthropic wishes.